Cloud Architecture

By switching to cloud infrastructure for AI development, data workstream and operational optimisation, a business model for scale, resilience and agility can be realised. Here at LEIT DATA we are mindful of the unique needs of users, workloads and operations and our highly experienced team with a proven methodology will delivery your cloud solution.

Data Architecture As a Service

Our end-to-end data architecture service here at LEIT DATA empowers your organisation to:

• Define components and logical layers

• Understand atomic and composite patterns for data based solutions

• Devise Data Integration, Data Storage, Data Warehouse and Analytics Strategies

Cloud Infrastructure As a Service

Adopting a cloud infrastructure brings many benefits including but not limited to:

• Increased efficiency

• Productivity is Enhanced

• High Reliability

• Highly Scalable

• Allows for Maximised Flexibility

Our highly expert team here at LEIT DATA are SME’s in various offerings and we are certified cloud platforms, products and services. 

Data Migration

We can help migrate data from your current analytical platforms and databases on to more modern Cloud solution.

Whether it be on-premise to Cloud, or Cloud-to-Cloud, we recognise the importance of migrating data efficiently and in a Qualitative manner.

Migration services are often comprised of:

• Understanding the target model – sometimes a “lift and shift” is not appropriate – we can help navigate the path and balance of effort versus payoff

• Building plans for migration, facilitating the right people at the right time to ensure efficient delivery

• Testing and Quality – ensuring that the end result is the right one!

• Using the right tools for the right jobs