Data Architecture as a service

Data is one of the most valuable assets available by every enterprise. However, to realise the value of data assets, they should be used consistently, accurately, and strategically. This is where data architecture as a service comes to play. DaaS is implemented as a data management strategy to leverage data and ensure high levels of SLA, accuracy, availability, and data governance. Therefore, any enterprise must have a robust data architecture framework in hand.

Acting as an intersection between technology and business, we focus on sourcing and provisioning data from various sources on demand. We save you the hassle and cost of hiring and managing a separate data team for your business.

Data Architects design and standardize how the subscriber organization collects, store, access, distribute and use the data. Our system Allowing you to make data-driven and informed decisions, considerably cutting down on futile trial and error efforts. It also Allowing you to create a personalized customer experience and predict consumer behavior. Planning and setup costs for data center infrastructure are also reduced.

We provide comprehensive Data Architecture as a service that covers all aspects such as:

• Defining components and logical layers.

• Understanding atomic and composite patterns for data solutions

• Deciding solution patterns and choosing the correct implementation tools.

• Devising data strategy aligning with your business goals. 

Data integration, data warehousing, and reporting strategies.

We provide these and more at at LEIT DATA is set can empower your organization to an era of success and innovation.

Telecom, Finance, retail, pharma….the implications are endless. We are here to usher you into a new platform of Data Architecture Services. Our team of experts at LEIT DATA is set to take your business to the next level by creating high-performance architecture to achieve your data management goals. We deliver services that are consistent, reliable, scalable, and reusable.