Snowflake Consulting

Snowflake is where your seamless data cloud experience begins. Thousands of organisations are mobilising their data and making intelligent data-driven strategies. Snowflake enables you to integrate and optimise your organisation to the best data practices available.

LEIT DATA acknowledges and values this world-class, innovative cloud-based platform. Our LEIT DATA expert Snowflake consultants can provide you with innovative data solutions and strategies. 

LEIT DATA is a certified, experienced and trained Elite Snowflake consulting partner. With this robust data cloud platform by our side, you will be able to integrate, analyse, unify and collaborate data amongst your employees, customers and business partners. In addition, LEIT DATA leverages our elite partnership to solve critical industry challenges using Machine Learning (ML), Artificial Intelligence(AI) and Advanced Data Analytics.

This partnership is a way for you to utilise our combined efforts and define a best and most insightful data strategy, complete with an actionable and executable roadmap. As a result, this will take your organisation into a new era of Data-Driven decision making combined with a cost-effective approach that allows an improvement in scalability and reduced costs and risks.

By utilising Snowflakes’ robust data cloud, we provide a whole spectrum of services. 

Explore Our Services

Advanced-Data Analytics and Business Intelligence

Have a deeper understanding of your business and gather insights with our expert team. 

Analytic tools predict market behaviour and future trends, with the best data and generate intelligent solutions based on historical data. Make use of the Snowflake integration and prep your data for all your ML models.

Data Architecture and Data Pipeline

Ensure high levels of accuracy, availability and data governance. Extract optimal results with the Snowflake Data Cloud, that completely revamps how your organisation collects, stores, accesses and distributes your data.

Actionable Roadmaps

We don’t stop at just Strategy Inception. Our Snowflake consultants ensure your strategy implementation is up to par with specific custom made actionable roadmaps.

Seamless Integration

Without disrupting your current extract Transform and Load systems, we ensure a seamless and hassle-free Snowflake integration with customised procedures tailor-made for you.

Advanced feasibility study

Allowing you to assess and measure the advantage the adoption of Snowflake has created within your organisation.

Usher into a new era of innovation with LEIT DATA as we embark on a journey of smart data solutions using the power of Snowflake.