Data migration

It is no secret that data is what drives a business. With a large volume of data coming in from different sources, upgrading the current data system or upgrading to another system often becomes necessary. We allow you to expand the data storage and management capabilities of an organization.

At one point or other, most business requires to migrate data either to a public cloud, private cloud, hybrid cloud, or a multi-cloud environment. We provide a secure, efficient, and cost-effective method to help you seamlessly through this transition process.

Making sure you choose the most efficient and best-performing environment for your data storage, directly affects the optimal data usage and thereby the success of your enterprise.

Whether you are relocating your data center infrastructure, or decommissioning the existing data center, consolidating your website, undergoing maintenance of infrastructure, optimizing your operations by moving your data to a cloud-based system, or upgrading and expanding your storage systems… our expert team  provide comprehensive solutions to all your data migration needs.

We assess data quality to ensure successful migration without data loss. Backup of data before migration is implemented to ensure the data is safe. Our data migration system allows for enterprises to raise the quality of their data and weed out old sub-standard data. Manages and steers the migration process till completion.

We can help migrate data from your current analytical platforms and databases to more modern, efficient, and secure Cloud Solutions. Whether the migration process is from cloud to cloud, or on-premise to cloud, we recognize the importance of effective data migration and customize our processes to suit your specific needs.

Migration Services Approach

Work to understand the target model, where “lift and shift” is not applicable, we will help navigate the path of effort vs payoff

We facilitate the right people at the right time, ensuring efficient delivery and building plans for migration.

Our process never compromises on quality. Testing and quality checks are implemented to ensure the results are the right ones.

Not all enterprises require the same model of the migration process. We help assess and implement the right tools for the right job.

LEIT DATA’s’ data migration tools are comprehensive, and all-inclusive solutions enabling subscriber organizations to accomplish data migration goals swiftly and effectively. Let us guide you in your data migration process by exploring our customs tools and experts.