The LEIT ADAPT framework accelerates value by using an Enterprise Advertising Data Model that provides the ability to plumb all your companies’ social feeds and get all your standard KPI’s out.

The data model is where the business logic and the LEIT DATA special sauce gets added. By having all the plumbing in place, you can go from zero to hero with your marketing analytics.

A full 360 view while owning your data

Regardless if you’re running paid advertising campaigns in Google Ads or simply tracking website traffic metrics in Google Analytics – the search engine giant provides you with a long list of digital advertising metrics that help you keep a close eye on your advertising ROI but ONLY for google using ADAPT you are able to get a full 360 view while owning your own data and the ability to extend as you need. Imagine if you could spin up the LEIT DATA ADAPT Framework complete with Snowflake, Rivery and ThoughtSpot via partner connect or the Data MarketPlace. Select your social feeds you want to include, add your credentials.


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The Model

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