Data Strategy

Companies that focus on a solid Data strategy will enable an organisation to get a competitive advantage using their data.

LEIT DATA can assess, review and look to optimise, re-engineer or even create a brand new data product or service. We focus on enabling organisations to acquire, store, transform, model and deliver business value.

In addition, it helps organisations have a deeper understanding of critical parts of business and operations that use data. It is vital to identify efficient data movement between different consumers and a focus on preventing duplication.

We help your organisation attain your business goals by bringing innovation and addressing users needs and associated risks and regulations throughout the execution of your data strategy.

Data Maturity Assessment

Our expert teams can conduct Data Maturity Assessments to help provide a pathway for your organisation to achieve your strategic goals and release the potential of data.

Data Maturity Assessments help you understand where you are now, and the focus points to achieve greater things in the future. Vital aspects of Data Maturity can include such things as:

• Assess key Data capabilities in the organisation at present

• Look to reduce delivery friction by implementation of automation

• Benchmark the current capabilities and compare to where your organisation aspires to be in the future, both at a summarily and more granular level

• Help Track progress against objectives, and provide insights and pathways to help strategically enhance your maturity level, in the right places, at the right time!

• Specify KPI’s

• Stay competitive

Delivery Process Automation

We can help you enhance your delivery agility, identifying delivery areas in your solutions to enhance such things as:

• LEIT DATA methods that automate creation, maintenance and ongoing use of Data Components can be utilised to help move your projects at speed and consistency

• We can identify and help with areas that involve both code development and promotion through development stages, both traditional and more autonomous methods

Data Strategy Execution

Data strategy helps businesses manage and interpret all the data collected by the company from various forms. However, other benefits include: 

  •  Increasing the pace and efficiency of business processes
  • Understanding crucial parts of business and strategies that work 
  • Clarity about present business needs and goals
  • Helps the company in achieving the objectives within a specified period

Our experts create a roadmap with a sequenced series of projects, quickly delivering the value, opening future opportunities worldwide and ultimately solving the business problems.