Cloud Infrastructure as a service

Cloud Infrastructure as a service (IaaS) offers holistic solutions and virtual computing resources for all your computing needs. We design, implement, and maintain IT infrastructures like servers, storage, computing, and networking resources and are delivered to the subscribers through virtual machines utterly accessible through the internet.

A flexible, pay-as-you-go basis service that can help significantly bypass the cost and hassle of physical servers and data Centre infrastructure for your organization. Unlike in the past, where clients paid for configuration and time regardless of usage, we help you scale the solution to dynamically meet your ever-changing data demands. In addition, you get billed only for the services you use.

Cloud IaaS is faster, cheaper, cost-effective, and often time more efficient, and you get all these benefits without having to manage, rent or buy the underlying infrastructure.

Switching to a cloud infrastructure provider offers you a myriad of benefits.

• Increased Efficiency: The subscriber organization has access to IaaS resources any time they want. Delays due to infrastructure upgrades and maintenance are reduced significantly as a result.

• Increased Security: Security is always a critical element of concern in any enterprise. Your business is at risk if the security of your data infrastructure is compromised. We have robust security policies to ensure higher security and protection for your data.

• Enhanced productivity: The in-house IT department does not have to worry about the upkeep and maintenance of the Data Centre infrastructure. These resources can be redirected to more productive endeavors.

• High Scalability: Depending on the evolving needs of the enterprise, IaaS can scale the resources up and down as deemed necessary.

• High Reliability: The cloud service ensure the infrastructure is reliable according to Service Level Agreements.

• Economic benefit: Any organization using a cloud service only has to pay for the networking, storage, and computing services used. Since the service costs are predictable, it is easily incorporated into the organization’s budget.

Major vendors providing cloud IaaS include Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform. We have specialized certified experts in all the above platforms and their services.

Are you are a new business owner trying to reduce capital expenditure? Or do you have a large volume of data exhausting your storage system? Is your existing infrastructure not being utilized optimally? Is there an unforeseen demand for infrastructure services?

Then you are a perfect candidate for availing of IaaS. Our highly expert team are SMEs in various offerings certified in popular web platforms and products. We bring Simple, accessible, and affordable cloud infrastructure services to you. Let us help you grow your business through technology and innovation.