DataOps in a box

DataOps or Data Operations defines data management practices used by analytic and data teams to improve efficacy and reduce the time of data analytics. It is focused on improving communication, integration, and automation of data flows between data managers and consumers.

DataOps is completely automated, and the deployment and management of data are done under low governance.

DataOps initially began as an amalgamation of best practices in Data Analytics but has matured to become an independent approach in the industry.

The benefits of DataOps include:
• High data quality with very low errors.

• Capabilities of solving data problems.

• Transparency in results and clear monitoring.

• Collaboration among people, technology, and environments of various systems.

• Data pipelines become more efficient and data operations more effective by automation.

• Data consumers are given the ability to serve themselves.

DataOps takes principles from Agile, DevOps, and Lean Manufacturing, culminating the best and providing excellent results.

DataOps use agile to shorten the cycle time of analytics significantly. On the other hand, DevOps helps automate software test and deployment, hence improving quality, velocity, and predictability. Lean Manufacturing methodology is focused on minimizing waste without sacrificing productivity. A powerful lean manufacturing tool called Statistical Process Control is used in DataOps to monitor and control the Data Analytics Pipeline including data integration, ETL and reverse ETL.

DataOps is a data management method that transcends technology and emphasizes communication, collaboration, and integration. We bring the best tools at our disposal together to bring about better data management.

We streamline the way data is managed and coordinate improvements that align with your business goals. We implement DataOps programs to suit your needs, keeping the budget and goals.

Our expert team allows subscriber organizations to deliver efficient data experiences and shifts focus to data-driven business outcomes. We will help solve your organization’s data problems through improved collaboration and automation. DataOps platforms are what hold the key to digital transformation.

Data ops, by nature, are flexible. We can customize the data ops methodology specifically to suit your needs and implement data strategies as it is not anchored to any particular tools, architecture, or language. We work with you to avail of the benefits of DataOps from our expert team.